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RadioShack VHF/UHF Gold-Plated Splitter-Combiner

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Use this VHF/UHF gold-plated splitter-combiner to divide a signal to feed two devices, such as TV, VCR or PVR (personal video recorder). Or, combine signals for transmission on a single cable.

  • Gold plating enhances performance by reducing signal loss and interference.
  • RadioShack GOLD SERIES connectors are designed to enhance the performance of your audio and video components by reducing signal loss and interference.
  • Low-capacitance connectors deliver the most dynamic, distortion-free signals your system can provide.
  • Pure 24-karat gold plating is applied to all contacts using advanced plating technology.
  • The gold plating reduces corrosion, substantially reduces signal loss and insures maximum performance.
Parts Warranty: 90 Days