High Brightness Seven Color Blinking LED Lamp

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High Brightness Seven Color Blinking LED Lamp
  • Emitted Color: Red, Green, Blue, Red Green, Green Blue, Red Blue, Red Green Blue
  • Intensity MCD (typ.): 150mcd (red) , 500mcd (green), 400mcd (blue)
  • Wave- length nm (typ.): 624nm (red), 525nm (green), 470nm (blue)
  • Type (size): T-1 3/4 (5mm)
  • Len Color: Clear
  • Viewing Angle (degree): 50 degrees
  • Operating Voltage: 4.0~5.0 DC
  • Flashing Rate: 1.4Hz (ONE SECOND FOR 1.4 TIMES)
Miscellaneous Feature:
  • Having features of single, mix color lighting and blinking
  • Auto start one-shot function when power on
  • RoSH Compliant
Equivalent Part Numbers: 2760421 |  276-0421 

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