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RadioShack Getting Started with Soldering Kit

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Everything you need to get started on those DIY projects that include soldering.

  • 1x Electric soldering iron: 120V AC, 48W, up to 450degc,0.5A , ABS shelf, PC handle, copper tip with nickel plated (RS red + Black)
  • 4x Soldering Iron Tips: Copper, nickel plated
  • 1x 4.5" Mini Diagonal Pliers: CRV, Full Polish, Heat Treated, Laser Logo, PVC Handle (RS red + Black)
  • 1x Helping Hands: Casting iron base, steel, chrome plated, magnifying
  • 6x Soldering Iron Tools: CRV, chrome plated, ABS handle (RS red)
  • 1x Desoldering Pump: ABS + Aluminium suction nozzle, nickel plated, carbon steel slider (RS red + Black)
  • 1x Solder Tube, 15g, 1mm
  • Solder wire: Tin lead alloy case (50% Tin,50% Lead) (RS red)
  • 1x Solder Wick (2mm*1.5m): Copper tin alloy

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