RadioShack 60W Digital Soldering Station

Catalog #: 6400266


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This soldering station takes the guesswork out of the temperature equation.  You simply enter a desired Fahrenheit or Celsius setting.  As the iron heats up, the temperature reading on the LCD display increases so you can easily see when it's ready to use.  There are even three presets that enable you to select frequently used temperatures with the push of a button.  Makes it easy for you to select the exact temperature you need for your specific application.  Digital LCD display, interchangeable between Fahrenheit and Celsius.  Display shows temperature setting and actual temperature.  Ideal for lead-free solder, rosin-core, lead-based, silver-bearing or any other.  3 temperature presets for frequently used temperatures.  Detachable iron with pencil-style tip.  Includes cradle stand.  Temperature range from 302-842° Fahrenheit (150-450° Celsius).

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Parts Warranty: 90 Days