60W Digital Soldering Station

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This soldering station takes the guesswork out of the temperature equation.

  • You simply enter a desired Fahrenheit or Celsius setting. As the iron heats up, the temperature reading on the LCD display increases so you can easily see when it's ready to use.
  • There are even three presets that enable you to select frequently used temperatures with the push of a button. Makes it easy for you to select the exact temperature you need for your specific application.
  • Digital LCD display, interchangeable between Fahrenheit and Celsius. Display shows temperature setting and actual temperature.
  • Ideal for lead-free solder, rosin-core, lead-based, silver-bearing or any other. 3 temperature presets for frequently used temperatures.
  • Detachable iron with pencil-style tip. Includes cradle stand.
  • Temperature range from 302-842ТА Fahrenheit (150-450ТА Celsius).

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Parts Warranty: 90 Days

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