Antenna Accessory Kit

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Get your outdoor antenna mounted easily with this RadioShack Antenna Accessory Kit.

Package contents:

Strap-on Standoff Insulators (2)
  • For twin-lead or coaxial cables
  • Adjustable for mast sizes up to 3" in diameter
  • Keeps antenna cable away from mast, roof or other surfaces that can cause interference
U Bolt and Clamp
  • Ideal for connecting 2 antenna masts up to 1.25" in diameter together
  • Silver zinc plating helps prevent rust
Guy Wire Turnbuckles (3)
  • Allows adjustment of guy wire tension in order to stabilize your mast
  • Easily adjustable with a standard screwdriver
Dual Guy Wire Mast Clamps Set
  • For 1.25" mast
  • Secures 2 guy wires to your antenna
  • Includes zinc-plated steel clamps, eyebolts and nuts
Guy Wire Clamps
  • For 1/8" cable
  • Galvanized steel
  • Secures guy wire to anchor coupling
Parts Warranty: 90 Days