RadioShack 75-ohm 2-Way Hybrid Splitter (Gold)

Catalog #: 1501234



    Use to divide a signal to feed two TVs or VCR's or to combine single to feed two TVs or VCR's or to combine signals for transmission on a single cable.

    • Accepts cable with F connector such as cat 15-1541, 15-1542, 15-1543, 15-1515, 15-1516, 15-1517, 15-1513, 15-1514, 15-1560, 15-1561, 15-1565, 15-1533, 15-1536.
    • One input, two outputs. 
    • Serves as both a splitter and combiner
    • Gold plating enhances performance by reducing signal loss
    • Includes mounting screws
    • 75-ohm, 5-900MHz
    • Non DC passing
    • Splits a single cable TV or satellite signal so you can send it to two components, such as a TV and a VCR