RadioShack 5V 3.6A AC Adapter with 1 USB (Black)

Catalog #: 2730928


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This adapter can provide 3.6A total power
- Cable output - max. 1.5A
- USB output - max. 2.1A
- Aggregate - max. 3.6A

Product Specifications:
-Input: 100-240Vac, 50/60Hz
-Output: 5+/-0.3V 3.6A
-Cable spec.: UL1185 straight cable/ OD3.5mm/AWG#18/ 6ft/ Black
-Green Power LED
-With input over current protection/ output over current protection/ output short circuit protection
-In case of overload: LED will flicker to signify overloading & unit will stop charging end devices until at least one of the devices is being unplugged.

Parts Warranty: 90 Days