RadioShack 12-Volt DC 3-Outlet Vehicle Power Adapter

Catalog #: 2700286



Power three 12-Volt accessories at one time. Hard wired mounting option for convenient access. Add 12-Volt DC outlets to your vehicle with this RadioShack adapter. It includes a cable to plug into the existing vehicle power adapter socket and an in-line fuse cord.

3 Way 15A 12-Volt DC accessory outlet with cigarette lighter plug wire and in-line fuse wire
provide three additional 12-Volt DC accessory outlets and separate CLA plug cord and in-line fuse

This product includes the following three parts:
a). Triple outlet main unit is attached 1-foot cord and polarized power connector on one end
b). 2-foot CLA plug cord with polarized power connector on one end
c). 3-foot in-line fuse cord with ring terminal at one end and with polarized power connector
on the other end

Includes 2 screws, 1 self-adhesive tape, and 1 wiring harness accessory for easy mounting.
15A fused protection

Parts Warranty: 90 Days