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87dB Piezoelectric Audio Transducer

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Equivalent Part Numbers: 2731171   |  273-1171

Piezoelectric electronic audible alarms work by converting the user input voltage to an appropriate oscillating signal that is applied to a sounder element that is mounted in a housing. This piezoelectric sounder element consists of a metal disc that has a special ceramic material bonded to it that physically bends when voltage is applied to it.

Operating Voltage 30Vpp Max.
Rated Voltage 5Vpp
Resonant Frequency 750 ±250Hz
Capacitance 70nF ±30% @ 120Hz
Current Consumption 1.5mA Max. @ 5V⎓
Sound Pressure Level Min. 87dB @ 5V⎓, 10cm
Dimensions 14 × 60mm (44mm Wide w/o Mounting Ears)
Mounting Centers 52mm (Hole Diameter 3.5mm)
Wire Gauge 28 AWG
Operating Temperature -20° to 70°C (-4° to 158°F)

Direct drive transducer devices do not have any included DC circuitry, so the user must apply a sine or square wave with the appropriate rated frequency. A square wave will typically result in more sound level than a sine wave. The higher the peak-to-peak voltage applied (up to the maximum rated voltage), the higher the resulting sound level.

Technical Specifications