Best Crypto Apps for Beginners

From simple transactions and payments to art and pop culture, cryptocurrency is everywhere. This illuminates the degree to which investors are drawn to the crypto industry. And now that more people are starting to invest, a lot more crypto applications are being developed. When faced with the plethora of portfolio, blockchain, and trading platforms available, selecting one that will assist and even propel you in your journey to the moon can be quite overwhelming.

If you've made the decision to invest in cryptocurrency, but you're not sure where to begin, you’ve come to the right place! We’ve compiled some of the most accessible, top-rated, and beginner-friendly apps today.


Coinbase is perhaps the best software for crypto noobs. Users will quickly notice how user-friendly its interface is after downloading and opening the app on your phone. It’s perfect for those who have never traded crypto. Unfortunately, its noob-friendly features come with a price—literally. Coinbase charges regular trading costs of 1.49% each slide, excluding spread. 


Owing to the variety and caliber of services it offers, eToro stands as one of the great, if not the greatest entry-level cryptocurrency platform. It features a “Discover” tab that briefs users about hot coins, crypto trends, and largest movers in the market. 

Beginners will also love the app’s simple design and user-friendly interface, while advanced crypto bros will also find value in its wealth of features and technical analysis tools. But the ground-breaking CopyTrader function is what truly sets eToro apart from other crypto apps. It allows you to automatically duplicate the trades of the most successful traders worldwide, which is ideal for beginners and also anyone looking to increase their capital efficiency.


Binance, which is free to download on both iOS and Android, is good for beginners, but it’s especially great if you're an aggressive crypto trader. It is one of the few platforms that has a lot of low-cost markets. Every day, it handles transactions worth tens of billions of dollars. Hundreds of cryptocurrency pairings have incredibly narrow spreads, and the commission rate is merely 0.10% each slide.

Depending on where you live, there are different alternatives and costs for financing your account. For instance, users in the US benefit from good rates since credit or debit card transactions only cost 0.5%. On the other hand, those from other regions of the world may pay up to 4% for the exact same activity. 


Bitstamp puts great emphasis on user safety. It is seen as one of the most secure crypto platforms. Ninety-eight percent of its assets are placed offline in cold storage, which is the safest way of storing crypto. The platform only uses the remaining 2%, which it maintains online (in hot storage), for daily trading. It also has crime insurance coverage that provides an additional degree and layer of security. Its insurance covers theft when the exchange itself is compromised, but it doesn’t cover accounts that have been compromised. 

Bitstamp’'s user-friendly layout also makes it simple and easy to use among crypto rookies. It can help you make your initial crypto investments. But it also features advanced analytical tools and order types that may be appealing to seasoned traders.


Bitpanda is the greatest alternative for those who want to manage their investments from a single location. Its all-inclusive mobile app equips crypto investors with all the tools they need to invest in currencies and crypto indices at any time and from any location.

The platform is mostly popular for its crypto indices and savings plan. Its indexes function, which is similar to traditional ones, track and monitor the whole market or even specific sectors in crypto. Bitpanda’s savings strategy dollar-cost averages into any supported cryptocurrency. This function may be linked to a credit card and suspended and resumed at any moment to fund automatic transactions.


For those who want to trade crypto on a small scale, Webull is the perfect crypto app. Not only can you start an account without making a deposit, but it is also possible to purchase and sell cryptocurrency for as low as $1 per trade. This allows users to easily join in and get started with crypto trading. It also gives all of its markets on a spread-only basis when it comes to charges and fees.


Kucoin is an international cryptocurrency trading platform that is available in more than 200 nations and 20 languages. It boasts a user base of 18 million investors and a trading volume of more than $1 trillion. But the most distinguishing aspect of the app is its more than 700 coin choices. 

 Despite these amazing numbers, the most distinguishing aspect of Kucoin is its over 700 coin choices, which is presently the largest from a centralized exchange. The app is also well-known for listing currencies before other large cryptocurrency exchanges and for housing unique coins that would otherwise be lost in the depths of obscure decentralized exchanges.

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