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SEEED Studio Proto Shield Kits

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The Seeed ProtoShield Kit is designed for extending the solder-ability of Arduino pins. With this kit you can implement projects by soldering the through-hole components and connect them to Arduino pins. 

Part List:

  • 1x Arduino compatible Proto Board 
  • 1x B type USB connector 
  • 1x 40pin 2.54mm male long header 
  • 1x 40pin 2.54mm female header 
  • 2x 40pin 2.54mm male header 
  • 1x 40pin 2.54mm spacer 
  • 3x 8pin 2.54mm female header 
  • 1x 6pin 2.54mm female header 
  • 1x ISP female pin header 
  • 1x ISP male pin header 
  • 1x 10k Ohm rotary potentiometer 
  • 4x 1k Ohm through-hole resistor 
  • 2x 10k Ohm through-hole resistor 
  • 2x 3mm Red through-hole LED 
  • 2x 3mm Green through-hole LED 
  • 1x 3mm dual color through-hole LED 
  • 4x Mini push button switch 
  • 2x DPDT switch


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