Seeed Ethernet Shield

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Ethernet Shield instantly enables internet connectivity for Arduino projects. An on-board Wiz5100 ethernet controller handles up to four TCP and UDP connections, just stack it onto an Arduino to create your own networked devices. Easily check connection status with on board indicator lights. Extend your design further with two extra rows of pin header that connect to shields and prototyping boards.

  • The Seeed Ethernet Shield is an Arduino compatible shield whose design is based on the W5200 chip.
  • With this shield and the corresponding Arduino library, you can easily add Internet accessibility to your project.
  • Standard Arduino and Arduino Mega compatible
  • Arduino Ethernet Library compatible
  • Standard RJ45 ethernet Jack
  • 16K byte internal buffer
  • Indicator LEDs for all functions
  • Easy to access reset button
  • Standard pin headers for 0.1"grid prototyping boards
  • Up to 4 TCP/UDP network connections
 Min   Typical   Max   Unit 
Voltage 3.5 5 5.5 V
Current 120 210 350 mA
Dimension 72.6 x 58.4 x 23.2 mm
Supported Connection TCP/UDP /
Net Weight 24.2 g
Equivalent Part Numbers: 2760380 |  276-0380