Roku 3 4200R 1080p HD Video Streaming Digital Media Player

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The Roku 3 is an HD streaming digital media player that allows tv streaming and video streaming along with access to over 1000 channels. With 1080p streaming, users can enjoy crisp, clear high-definition images with all of the Roku programs and Roku channels. The Roku streaming player has a built-in Ethernet port and wireless networking port that provides flexible connection options for streaming HD.

Key services include Netflix, Hulu Plus, Pandora, and others. There are also a ton of other channels like NASA TV, Crackle, PBS, MLB and TED Talks. The list is almost endless and sure to fulfill your entertainment needs.

With its remote, the Roku makes video streaming and tv streaming easy from across the room. You can also enjoy HD video streaming privately via its headphone jack. Roku streaming allows you to enjoy your favorite movies, shows and games without disturbing others in the room. The Roku media player also has Dolby digital plus surround support for an enhanced listening experience. If you need expanded file space, the Roku media player accepts compatible cards.

For alternative use, Roku has an app for both Android and iOS. The interface is intuitive, and the Roku apps are easy to navigate. Right from the palm of your hand, its command center allows for streaming media through all the channels in the Channel Store, or users can add new channels to their streaming media lineup. This device even has a virtual keyboard for times when you’d rather type than swipe.

The Roku 3 is compact for HD streaming, easy to set up and virtually works on any TV. Compared with previous Roku generations, the Roku 3 is a step up. It’s much more usable. There’s no need to point the remote at a device, and it can be mounted anywhere. Just flip the remote sideways, and it acts as its own controller for movies and games. The Roku video player has its remote jack on the side, and audio can be streamed from a specific video right to the remote.