RadioShack Solderless Vehicle Power Adapter Plug

Catalog #: 2700277



Use this 12VDC vehicle power adapter with a two-conductor cable to make a custom power cord. Plugs into vehicle dashboard 12V power socket. Power connector accepts up to 12-gauge wires. 

Rating: 10A 12VDC
Outlet: CLA plug
Wire solderless, just plug wire to cigarette lighter plug
Soft wire relief protected the wire against damage during pull out
"+" "-" polarity push button easily to push the wire to wire clip and difficult to pull out without push the button
Wires compatible for #12 Awg, solderless, use the inserting guided line method
Suitable for American/European car's plug
Don't need remove the parts when replacing the wires of loading terminals

Parts Warranty: 90 Days

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