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RadioShack PRO-652 Desktop Digital Radio Scanner

Catalog #: 2000652


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RadioShack's PRO-652 is a digital triple-trunking desktop scanner that employs an intuitive object-oriented user interface. It stores up to 1800 objects in main memory and has 21 V-scanner memory for a total capacity to store over 39,000 objects.


25-30MHz Amateur Band 10 Meters
30- 50MHz VHF Low Band
50- 54MHz Ham Band 6 Meters
108-137MHz Aircraft Band
137-144MHz Federal Government
144-148MHz Amateur Band 2 Meters
148-174MHz VHF High Band
225-380MHz Military Aircraft Band
400-420MHz Federal Government
420-450MHz Amateur Band 70 Cm
450-470MHz UHF Band
470-512MHz UHF "T" Band
764-960MHz UHF High
Cellular Bands NOT covered
1240-1300MHz UHF High