Infrared LED Emitter and Detector

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Use this RadioShack infrared LED emitter and detector in your latest hobby project.
Emitter Specs (tinted package)
  • Reverse voltage: 5V
  • Cont. forward current: 150mA
  • Forward voltage: 1.3V typical, 1.7V max
  • Radiant power output: 13-15mW
  • Wavelength (peak emission): 950nm

  • Detector Specs (max)
  • VCEO (collector to emitter): 70V
  • VECO (emitter to collector): 5V
  • IC (collector current): 50mA
  • Total power dissipation : 150mW
  • Peak sensitivity wavelength: 850nm
  • Spectral bandwidth range: 620-980nm
  • Angle of half sensitivity: +/- 20ТА

  • Parts Warranty: 90 Days