High-Energy Ceramic Magnet

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This high-energy ceramic magnet is great for science projects and experiments as well as everyday use, whenever you want to demonstrate the attractive and repellent abilities of magnetic forces.

Hundreds of uses! These ceramic magnets are made of iron and metallic oxides. They are extremely durable and do not lose their magnetic attraction. You can decorate them -- even paint them -- and use them around the house, at work and more.

  • Dimensions: 1.875 x 0.875 x 0.375 Inches
  • Material: Oriented Strontium Ferrite
  • Magnetic Properties:
  • Residual Flux Density (B sub r): 3,800 Gauss
  • Coercive Force (H sub c): 2,500 Oersteds
  • Max Energy Product (BH sub max): 3.4 MGOe
  • Average Recoil Permeability: 1.1
  • Field Strength needed to saturate: 10,000 Oe
  • Temperature needed to permanently ruin: 1,800 Degrees F
Parts Warranty: 90 Days
Equivalent Part Numbers: 6401877 |  640-1877  |  64-1877

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