Cable Accessory Kit for Development Boards

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Get your Arduino, Raspberry Pi or similar development board powered, networked and connected to an HDMI-enabled TV or monitor using these handy cables and adapters.

Package contents:

3-ft. (0.91m) Cat5e network cable
  • Cable: Round Cat5e 24-gauge with 4 twisted-pair connection
  • Data transfer rate: Up to 1000Mbps
  • Frequency: Up to 100MHz speed
  • Connections: RJ-45 modular plug
  • Contacts: 24k gold-plated

  • 4-port stackable USB hub
  • USB compatibility: USB 2.0, USB 1.1, USB 1.0
  • Speeds supported: Up to 480Mbps
  • Total supply current: 500mA
  • Ports: USB A-type x4

  • 6-ft. (1.82m) HDMI cable
  • Cable: 30-Gauge with dual-twisted construction
  • Refresh rate: Up to 600Hz
  • Supports: HD 1080p resolution
  • Connector: HDMI type-A
  • Contacts: Gold-plated

  • AC-to-DC power adapter
  • Rated: 5V DC
  • Output: 2A
  • Cable: Fixed micro USB