RadioShack 3-Meter Electroluminescent Wire (Blue)

Catalog #: 2760414



Allows you to create your custom lighting solutions. You can be creative with fashion, architectural accents, automotive installations and much more. Lightweight, flexible and easy to install, even in hard to reach areas Create custom shapes in light.

  • Work frequency:800-5000Hz
  • Work voltage:30-150VAC
  • Power<2W
  • Recommend Operating Voltage:80-115VAC
  • Recommend Operating Frequency:1000-2000Hz
  • Operating Humidity:<90%
  • Storage Humidity:<70% 
  • Instant Breakdown Voltage:3500VAC 
  • Certification : Rohs
  • Brightness: 25cd-40cd/m2
  • Connector:SM2.5