141-Piece Parts Kit for Rotary Tool

Catalog #: 6400313


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Total 141-piece replacement parts for Rotary Tool

  • (2)Collets: 1pc (3.2mm), 1pc (2.4mm)
  • (3)Drill Bits:1pc (1.6mm), 1pc (2.3mm), 1pc (3.2mm)
  • (2)Milling Tools
  • (10)Diamond Grinders
  • (1)Felt Wheel with Shank
  • (7)Stone Grinders
  • (1)Mandrel for Felt Wheels
  • (10)Felt Wheels: 5 pcs (12.7mm); 5pcs (25.4mm)
  • (1)Whet Stone
  • (2)Sanding Shanks: 1pc (12.7mm);1pc (6.35mm)
  • (20)Sanding Bands:10pcs 9.3mm;10pcs 15.5mm
  • (1)Mandrel for Sanding Discs and cut-off Wheel
  • (40)24mm Sanding Discs
  • (36)24mm cut-off Wheel
  • (1)Wrench
  • (2)Flap Wheels;Brass Flap Wheel,Steel Flap Wheel
  • (2)Brushes:Plastic Brush,Brass Brush