Makeblock mBot Add-on Light Chasing Robot

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mBot Add-on Pack Interactive Light&Sound is a 3-in-1 pack based on mBot. You can construct "lighting chasing robot", "Scorpion robot" and "Intelligent voice-activated desk light " with mBot and the components in this pack. Each one has infinite possibility to experience the magic of mBot in the changing light and sound.

1. Light chasing robot

2. Scorpion robot

  • Clap your hands to stimulate its recognition to sound,
  • And recognize the color to enhance reaction capability.
  • Enjoy the integration of light and sound on mBot.

3. Intelligent desk light

  • Children are always curious.
  • They imitate others and try new things around them.
  • Change mBot into their own desk light.
  • Touch it, and make sound to control the light.
  • Just enjoy creation!