LM324 Quad Op Amp

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  • These amplifiers are designed to specifically to operate from a solitary supply over a wide range of voltages.
  • Also can function when the difference between the two supplies is 3V to 30V and VCC is at least 1.5V more positive than the input common mode voltage.
  • Consists of 4 internally compensated high-gain op amps.
Part Number 2761711
UPC 040293128302


Absolute Maximum Ratings
Supply Voltage V+: +32VDC or +16VDC
Differential Input Voltage 32VDC
Input Voltage -0.3VDC to +32VDC
Power Dissipation 570mW
Operating Temperature 34° to 158°F (0° to 70°C)
Large Signal Voltage Gain 100dB


Electrical Characteristics
Output Current Source Typical 40mA
Output Current Sink Typical 20mA
Input Offset Voltage Typical 2.0mVDC


Parts Warranty: 90 Days

Equivalent Part Numbers: 2761711   |  276-1711