Duracell 357 Button Cell Battery

Catalog #: 2302690


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  • Replacement button cell for consumer electronics like watches calculators and more
  • Mercury free version.
  • Replacement Button Cell equivalent to 357 battery 1.55 volts nominal also crosses to: AWI S05, Berec BSR441, B-SR441, Bulova 228, Citizen 280-08, 280-03, 280-62, 280-904, Duracell 10L14, 10SL17, D357, D357, LR44, Energizer 357, BS07, BSR44H, Eveready 303, 313, 357, Gold Peak GP57, GP76, GP76A, I.E.C. SR44, SR1154, LR1154, JIS G13F, G13R, GS13, Mallory D357, Maxell 313, SR44W, SR44SW, G13, LR44H, NEDA 1131SO, Panasonic SR44SW, SP303, SP357, Rayovac 357, RW12, RW32, RW22, RW42, Renata 357, 9, LR44, Seiko SBA9, SB-A9, SR47, SB-BP, SBB9, SB-F9, SBF9, Sony SR44SW, Timex Type J, A, KA, Varta 521, V303, V357, V13G, Vinnic S1154S, Other 541, 561,A76, A76-1, AG13, GS-14, HCS, LR1154, PX76A, Other RW82, W314, WG13, WGS14 7, WL14, CR44