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Dog & Bone Large Keyless Bluetooth Padlock (Silver)

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Dog & Bone Large Bluetooth Padlock is the world’s first Bluetooth keyless padlock. Simply download our iOS or Android app, pair your Lock Smart to your Bluetooth 4.0 enabled smart phone to use safely and securely. 

  • Longer Lasting: Lock Smart has a built in long lasting lithium ion rechargeable battery providing you up to 12 months power under normal operating conditions. 
  • Weatherproof: Rain, hail, snow, or shine, Lock Smart stands up to them all. Tested to temperatures of -20 to +60 degrees Celsius, you can be confident your Lock Smart operates in the toughest of environments. 
  • Shared Access: Instantly share your Lock Smart access with anyone, and if you have multiple Lock Smart’s, no problem – you can manage multiple locks and access easily with your app. Lock Smart can be shared permanently, single open only, or create your own custom settings. Need your friend to collect your bicycle, it’s only a smart phone click away. 
  • Tracking: Want to know who on your shared access list opened your Lock Smart, it’s as easy as opening your App and viewing the activity log. 
  • Heavy Duty: Lock Smart is as tough as they come – it is made of stainless steel, zinc alloy, and aluminum giving Lock Smart its aesthetics and strength.
  • Safe & Secure: Lock Smart is more than tough, it is 128 bit encryption tough. Using Bluetooth 4.0 means it would take more than 1 billion years for a super computer to crack – now that’s safer than any key I know. 
  • Good Looking: We wanted Lock Smart to be more than functional, so we added style to our design to make it look good. More than good looking, Lock Smart is practical too – similar in size to a traditional padlock, Lock Smart can be used anywhere you would find a conventional padlock.
  • Fail safe: What if your battery dies? No worries, Smart Lock features a micro USB port safely tucked away in a weatherproof seal. Simply plug in to any power source and you’ll be fully charged in under an hour. 
  • App Availability: Google Play, Apple App Store

Width [mm]: 64.95mm (2.55”)
Depth [mm]: 23.68mm (0.93”)
Height [mm]: 101.50mm shackle closed (4.00”), or
113.50mm shackle open (4.47”)
Shackle thickness [mm]: 8mm (0.31”)
WEIGHT: 388gr
INCLUSIONS: 1 x LockSmart padlock, 1 x USB Cable, Instructions for use