CR1225 3V Lithium Coin Cell Battery

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Replaces: CR1225, CR 1225, CR-1225EL, 1745 BAT, BR1225, DL1225, EBR1225, L09, V1225


Power your devices and projects with our reliable CR1225 battery.

Used in remote controls, medical devices, fitness sensors, calculators, keyless entry systems, LED lights, motherboards, and many other electronics.

And it's a great battery to incorporate into your compact low-current projects.

Part Number 2302273
Nominal Voltage 3V
Nominal Capacity 45 mAh
Standard Discharge Current 0.1 mA
Operating Temperature -30 °C to +60 °C 
Weight 0.9 g
Diameter 12.5 mm
Height 2.5 mm
Shelf Life 10 years
UPC 040293970284


⚠️ WARNING: Keep out of reach of children. If swallowed, call 800-498-8666 and seek medical attention immediately. Swallowing can lead to chemical burns, perforation of soft tissue, and death. Severe burns can occur within two hours of ingestion. Keep in original package until ready to use. Dispose of used batteries promptly. Risk of injury due to fire, explosion or leakage. Do not disassemble, charge, crush or expose to fire or high temperatures.

Perchlorate Material – special handling may apply. See

IMPORTANT: Lithium coin cell batteries are not interchangeable. Both the diameter and thickness can vary based on the cell designation. While some device battery compartments may be sized in a way that different battery types can fit in the compartment, the capacities will vary by size. We recommend that you use the correct cell designation specified by the manufacturer of your device or identified in the cross reference list provided above.

NOTE: This product is packaged in child resistant packaging.

Equivalent Part Numbers: 2302273   |  230-2273  |  23-2273