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BT-27910 3.6V Ni-MH Cordless Phone Battery, 800 mAh

Vendor: Camelion


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Product Information

Need a replacement battery for your cordless phone? This long-lasting rechargeable battery from Camelion is designed to fit cordless phones from many other brands and models. It meets or exceeds original manufacturer specifications.

AAA sized

Replaces Radio Shack 23-1317, Radio Shack 43-2105, Radio Shack ET-2105, Radio Shack 230-0969, Radio Shack 23-0959, Radio Shack 23-894, Radio Shack 23-959, 2302344

Compatible with AT&T E1937B, AT&T E560-2, AT&T E560-5, AT&T E5912, AT&T E5926, AT&T E5927, AT&T E5927B, AT&T E5937B, AT&T E5947B, AT&T E597-1, AT&T E598-2, AT&T LX0605, AT&T TL70008, AT&T TL71108, AT&T TL71208, AT&T TL71308, AT&T TL78108, AT&T TL78208, AT&T TL78308, AT&T TL78408, Clarity C410, Clarity C4105, Clarity C420, Clarity C4205, Clarity C4210, Clarity C430, Clarity C435, Clarity C440, Clarity C600, Clarity W425, Clarity W425 Pro

Comdial DX-80, GE/SANYO 49281

General Electric 2-6980GE1, General Electric 2-6992GE1, General Electric 2-1006GE3, General Electric 2-1028GE3, General Electric 2-1091GE3, General Electric 2-2620GE2, General Electric 2-26993GE1, General Electric 2-27980GE3, General Electric 2-6930GE1, General Electric 2-6939GE2, General Electric 2-6985GE1, General Electric 2-7907GE1, General Electric 2-7910, General Electric 2-7910GE1, General Electric 2-7910GE3, General Electric 2-7918GE1, General Electric 2-7920, General Electric 2-7920GE3, General Electric 2-7920GE4, General Electric 2-7920GE5, General Electric 2-7920GE7, General Electric 2-7928GE1, General Electric 2-7928GE2, General Electric 2-7928GE5, General Electric 2-7928GE6, General Electric 2-7930, General Electric 2-7930GE3, General Electric 2-7930GE4, General Electric 2-7931, General Electric 2-7931GE4, General Electric 2-7935GE3, General Electric 2-7936GE3, General Electric 2-7938GE6, General Electric 2-7939GE3, General Electric 2-7980GE3, General Electric 2-7990, General Electric 2-7990GE3, General Electric 2-7993, General Electric 2-7993GE3, General Electric 2-7998GE5, General Electric 2-7998GE6, General Electric 2-8110EE1, General Electric 2-8111EE2, General Electric 2-8112EE2, General Electric 2-8112EE3, General Electric 2-8128EE2, General Electric 2-9110EE2, General Electric 2-9111EE2, General Electric 2-9112EE2,

Lucent Technologies E1937B, Lucent Technologies E560-2,Lucent Technologies E560-5, Lucent Technologies E5912, Lucent Technologies E5926, Lucent Technologies E5927, Lucent Technologies E5927B, Lucent Technologies E5937B, Lucent Technologies E5947B, Lucent Technologies E597-1, Lucent Technologies E598-2, Lucent Technologies LX0605, Lucent Technologies TL70008, Lucent Technologies TL71108, Lucent Technologies TL71208, Lucent Technologies TL71308, Lucent Technologies TL78108, Lucent Technologies TL78208, Lucent Technologies TL78308, Lucent Technologies TL78408,

Motorola MD7151, Motorola MD7161, Motorola MD7161-3, Motorola MD7250, Motorola MD7251, Motorola MD7260, Motorola MD7261, Motorola MD751, Motorola MD761, Northwestern Bell 35858,

Radio Shack 23-1317, Radio Shack 43-2105, Radio Shack ET-2105, Radio Shack 230-0969, Radio Shack 23-0959, Radio Shack 23-894, Radio Shack 23-959, 

RCA 2-5110,

VTech 5829, VTech 5839, VTech 5851, VTech 5859, VTech 6725, VTech 6763, VTech 6765, VTech 6772, VTech 6773, VTech 6775, VTech 6783, VTech 6785, VTech 6803, VTech 6807, VTech 6820, VTech 6821, VTech 6861, VTech 6866, VTech 6870, VTech 6872, VTech 6879, VTech 6880, VTech 6882, VTech 6889, VTech 6897, VTech DS4121-4, VTech DS4122-3, VTech E5939B, VTech i6717, VTech i6725, VTech i6727, VTech i6757, VTech i6765, VTech i6767, VTech i6775, VTech i6777, VTech i6778, VTech i6787, VTech i6788, VTech i6789, VTech ii6777, VTech ii6787, VTech VT-I6725, VTech VT-I6765, VTech VT-I6775,VTech 6822, VTech 89-1323-00-00, VTech BT5633 & VTech BT6823

Walker Clarity C4105, Walker Clarity C4205, Walker Clarity C4210, Walker Clarity Clarity C4105, Walker Clarity Clarity C4205, Walker Clarity Clarity C4210, Clarity C-430,

General Electric 10990, General Electric 11355, General Electric 14366, General Electric 21671, General Electric 32905, General Electric 34001, General Electric 41680, General Electric 41690, General Electric 41764, General Electric 41780, General Electric 41781, General Electric 41782,

RCA 30437, RCA 41680

AT&T 27910, AT&T 5-2459, AT&T 5-2523, AT&T 80-5848-00-00, AT&T 89-0099-00-00, AT&T B27910, AT&T TL72108, AT&T TL72208, AT&T TL72308, AT&T TL72408, AT&T TL74108, AT&T TL74208, AT&T TL74258, AT&T TL74308, AT&T TL74358, AT&T TL74408, AT&T TL74458,


Empire CPH-464D,

GE/SANYO GES-PC3F03, GE/SANYO PC3F03, General Electric 5-2459, General Electric 5-2522, General Electric 5-2523, General Electric 5-2539, General Electric 5-2705, General Electric 5-2721, General Electric TL96158, GP 70AAH3BMJZ,


Jasco TL96158,

Lucent Technologies 27910, Lucent Technologies 5-2459, Lucent Technologies 5-2523, Lucent Technologies 80-5848-00-00, Lucent Technologies 89-0099-00-00, Lucent Technologies B27910, Lucent Technologies TL72108, Lucent Technologies TL72208, Lucent Technologies TL72308, Lucent Technologies TL72408, Lucent Technologies TL74108, Lucent Technologies TL74208, Lucent Technologies TL74258, Lucent Technologies TL74308, Lucent Technologies TL74358, Lucent Technologies TL74408, Lucent Technologies TL74458,

Motorola 525734-001, Motorola TL26158,

Philips SJB2142,

RCA 5-2683, Saft STB958,

Sanik 3SN-AAA55H-S-J1, Sanik 3SN-AAA60H-S-J1, Sanik 3SN-AAA65H-S-J1, Sanik 3SN-AAA70H-S-J1, Sanik 3SN-AAA75H-S-J1F, Sanik 3SN-AAA80H-S-J1, SANYO GES-PC3F03, 

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