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RadioShack Bright-Red Blinking LED Module

Catalog #: 2760299


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Often used in stores to draw attention to merchandise displays, the super-bright red LED, or light-emitting diode, blinks to instantly call attention to special projects or in-store promotions. The module is battery powered, so you can use it with hard-to-reach applications like hanging signs and extra-tall displays. Its drawer-type battery box snaps shut securely.


  • LED direct solder to PCB connect to AA x 2 battery enclosed type battery box and switch
    5mm Red LED w/20cm wires
  • Blinking frequency : 1.2 Hz (+/- 20%), Duty cycle: 1/32
  • Operation voltage: DC 3V
  • Operating current : 0.2 - 25mA
  • PCB module dia. : 18 x 18 x 12mm
  • Power requirements : DC 3V, Battery spec: AA x 2
  • Flash spec. Save power type (Duty cycle 1/32)
  • PVC Wire : Black 1.3mm x 20cm, Red 1.3mm x 20cm
  • Parts Warranty: 90 Days