Beats by Dre Studio Wireless Headphones (Black)

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The Beats Studio Wireless Headphones deliver the sound quality that made Beats by Dr. Dre famous, only without the cord getting in your way.

Feel your music
The Beats Acoustic Engine makes your listening experience personal and real. Beats signature DSP software is designed to generate the emotional experience that some of the music industry’s greatest rock, hip-hop, pop, electronic and R&B producers want you to feel. This is how music would sound if the artist could play it back for you in person.

Put the world on mute
Silence the noise from your daily commute or the drama from your loud neighbors with dual-mode Adaptive Noise Canceling (ANC). When you’re listening to music, ANC automatically strikes the perfect blend between your music and the world outside. If you only want to use the headphone to cancel external noise, the ANC only mode automatically increases the level of noise cancelation, to put the world on mute.

What batteries?
Dead batteries can kill your vibe. The Beats Studio Wireless Headphones come with a built-in rechargeable battery that lasts up to 12 hours when using wirelessly and up to 20 hours when you do decide to plug in. To prevent wasting energy, the Auto On/Off feature turns the headphone off when you unplug from a wired connection and with the Battery Fuel Gauge, you always know how much juice is left.

Lighter, stronger and more comfortable
The Beats Studio Wireless Headphones are streamlined with fast curves, smooth surfaces and no visible screws. The soft earcups have an ergonomic bellow that creates a flexible custom fit, so you can keep your music all to yourself.

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