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RadioShack 25W Pro-Line Soldering Iron with LED Light

Vendor: RadioShack
Catalog №: 6400265


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Product Information

Get the job done with our 25W Pro-Line Soldering Iron. Equipped with a ceramic heating element, this iron heats up to a max. temperature of 1004°F! Plus, three built-in, bright LED lights help you see exactly what you're working on.

  • Ideal for basic repairs and precision projects.
  • Three built-in LED lights illuminate soldering area.
  • Industrial-grade, high-efficiency ceramic heating element heats quickly.
  • Ergonomic cool-touch grip designed for comfort.
  • Replaceable iron-clad, chrome-plated copper tip for reliable heat transfer.
  • Grounded AC plug.

Additional or Replacement Soldering Iron Tips

What's Included

  • 25W Pro-Line Soldering Iron with LED Light
  • Pro-Line Standard Soldering Tip (Cat. № 6400303)
  • Basic Soldering Iron Stand
  • Soldering Instructions


  1. Clean the surface you want to solder to ensure good bonding. Use a wire brush or fine sandpaper to remove paint or rust. Use alcohol or RadioShack Precision Electronics Cleaner (Catalog № 6404345) to remove oils, dirt, and oxides.
  2. Be sure that the cap nut that holds the soldering iron tip is securely in place.
  3. Plug the soldering iron power cord into an AC outlet.
  4. For better solder connections and longer tip life, tin (cover) the soldering iron tip with a coating or solder each time you use it. When the tip gets hot, carefully apply a light coating of new solder to the tip. If you apply too much solder, wipe the tip with a damp sponge to remove the excess. For best results, use RadioShack Tip Tinner and Cleaner (Catalog № 6400020).
  5. Apply the tapered surface of the tip (not its point) to the joint to be soldered. While holding the tip against the joint, apply solder to the heated joint. Do not let solder flow onto the joint by melting the solder on the tip of the iron. Use solder sparingly. Excess solder can spread to other connections and cause a short circuit.