RadioShack Gift Card redemption period has been extended to April 30. Valid in-store only.

RadioShack Legacy Gift Card Redemption

RadioShack Legacy Gift Cards Are Redeemable In-Stores!

RadioShack customers in possession of a RadioShack Legacy Gift Card (“ RadioShack LGC”) may redeem their gift cards in-store* for up to a 50% discount on private label products, based on the remaining value of the RadioShack LGC.


How do I know if I have a RadioShack LGC?

If your RadioShack LGC starts with the account number 600649, then it was purchased or activated prior to March 31, 2015. This RadioShack LGC shall be eligible for redemption subject to the restrictions listed below this.


How can I redeem my RadioShack LGC?

  • The physical RadioShack LGC must be presented to the RadioShack sales associate during in-store checkout.
  • The RadioShack sales associate will apply up to a 50% discount on Private Label products based on the remaining value of the RadioShack LGC.

Example: If purchasing a Private Label product for $50 using a RadioShack LGC with a balance of $50, then $25 of the RadioShack LGC balance may applied towards the purchase and another form of payment must be used for the remaining $25 product purchase price. Taxes and other fees may apply.


What are some of the restrictions to redeeming a RadioShack LGC?

  • Customers who have previously filed a claim against the RS Legacy estate for the gift card balance are NOT eligible to redeem the RadioShack LGC for an in-store discount.
  • RadioShack LGC's are not redeemable at any store closure or liquidation sales
  • RadioShack LGC’s are not refundable
  • RadioShack LGC’s are not replaceable
  • RadioShack LGC’s are not reloadable

What are some examples of Private Label Products?

  • Auvio
  • Enercell
  • Gigaware
  • Ncredible
  • MakeIt
  • Optimus
  • Point Mobl
  • RadioShack Branded
  • Realistic

    *RadioShack Legacy Gift Cards are redeemable at corporate owned locations only and shall not be redeemed on or at Dealer locations.

    General Wireless Operations Inc. hereby reserves the right to modify, alter, and/or amend the above listed redemption terms of the RadioShack Legacy Gift Cards in its sole discretion and without prior notice.