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    The spinning wheel…just as you get comfortable with your favorite movie online or sit at the edge of your seat waiting for the next mission, you’re stopped in your tracks. 1% complete…2% complete…it feels like it can go on forever. Maybe someone is videoconferencing in the next room…or the signal in your bedroom has gotten weaker over time. Stop the madness! Let RadioShack take you through how to improve your Wi-Fi connection.


    First, let’s talk routers. A router is the middleman between you and the Internet. It receives Wi-Fi information from your wired modem, and broadcasts it to every Wi-Fi device in your home. So, it is a crucial part of your home setup. Many people think all routers are the same, but that’s far from the truth. The type of router you need in the home depends on 1. what activities you engage in on the Internet and 2. how many devices typically connect to your router at the same time


    First, what activities do you engage in online (select one)?

    Web Browser

    You browse the Internet to get quick information, connect on social media, watch videos in standard definition and check email. Casual user.
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    You browse the Internet, but also prefer watching video in high definition, print wirelessly, and play games online.
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    Power Users

    You and the entire family stream in HD, play games and visit social media. You might also have a home office and use videoconferencing to conduct meetings.
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    Web Browser - Ideal Speed: 150-700 Mbps

    Even light users can use a boost. Make sure you are using at least a Wireless-N router – Wireless-B and Wireless-G devices are too outdated to support today’s Web.

    Juggler - Ideal Speed: 800-1900 Mbps

    Movie lovers and gamers who prefer quality will want to invest in the latest in router technology – Wireless-AC. These dual band routers can support all your connections without the wait.

    Power Users - Ideal Speed: 1900+ Mbps

    You need the strongest performance to support your busy life. Get speedy Wi-Fi to all your devices with the latest Wireless-AC technology.

    Not sure what speed you are running currently?

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