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    There are times to throw away old things, and there are times to open them up and fix them. There are times to pay someone else to do it, and there are times to Do It Yourself. Whether your repairing electronics or installing a network, RadioShack is here for our DIY customers.

    We have great DIY projects coming soon.


    Maybe you watched the video of a cool LED Matrix, and you thought, “I could make that!” Or, maybe you watched musical instruments light up when played, and you wanted one. Whatever cool Maker project you want to build, RadioShack is here for our Maker customers.

    We have great Maker projects coming soon. In the meantime check out our Infinity Mirror Project below:

    Infinity Mirror

    Infinity Mirror

    I like to call it a stable wormhole, but an infinity mirror is actually just a very cool optical effect created with a few, relatively simple parts. A normal mirror facing a two-way mirror with a row of LEDs between them creates the amazing wormhole effect.

    The version we’ll be making uses an Arduino Uno so that the effect is programmable for a single color or a dynamic pattern.

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