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    How to pick the right hd antenna

    let us help you decide Which antenna is right for you

    Before you cancel your cable subscription:
    Research which channels you will get for free- this typically includes ABC, CBS, NBC and Fox. This will ultimately depend on the strength of the signal. Here is a tool to help you understand which channels you will receive for free in your area: visit antennaweb.com to see your proximity to the broadcast signal to determine indoor versus outdoor antenna needs and TITANTV.com for available channels and local programming.
    Choose the right antenna for you from our recommended products below
    Cancel your cable subscription and start watching local channel for free in HD

    Recommended products

    Great choice if:

    • Choose this antenna if you are close to the signal source and you have minimal obstructions.

    Great choice if:

    • Choose this antenna if you are far from the signal source and have obstructions.

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