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    Which router is right for you

    Streaming video uses more bandwidth, so you may need a new router.

    Why do I need a router?

    The router is the hub of your connected home - it’s how you get online today
    The router broadcasts the Wifi signal out from the cable modem
    All of your devices connect to the Wifi signal coming from your router
    Without a router, most of your devices cannot get online

    Top 3 reasons why you need a new router

    If your router is over 3 years old it won't support today's devices
    Multiple devices
    If you have multiple devices connected to wifi at the same time and you are experiencing buffering while streaming music or playing games, you will benefit from a more powerful and faster router
    If you have deadspots in your home where you can't get wifi consistently – a more powerful router with a larger range will help

    Resources to help you select a router

    Finding the right Wifi Router view article
    What wifi router is best for you view article

    Recommended products

    Great choice if:

    • You have a medium home.

    • You need to connect 4-6 devices.

    Great choice if:

    • You have a large home.

    • You need to connect 6-10 devices.

    Great choice if:

    • You have an extra-large home.

    • You need to connect 10+ devices.

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