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    HD Antennas

    If you’re interested in watching standard channels for free (think major networks like ABC, NBC, CBS, and FOX),
    you’ll want to purchase an HD antenna:

    Coaxial cables

    To connect the antenna to your TV, a cable is required.
    (Hint: If you purchased an outdoor antenna, you will probably need a 50-100ft cord.)

    Streaming Devices

    Pick a streaming service that best suits your needs and then select the corresponding device.

    HDMI cable

    An HDMI cable is required to connect the streaming device to your TV.
    (Hint: Think about your media setup, and choose the length that best suits your needs.)


    No matter what streaming service you select, internet is required. Because streaming video uses more bandwidth,
    you may need a more powerful router. If your router is more than three years old, an upgrade is necessary.

    Wi-Fi Extenders

    If you have dead spots in your home or your range needs a boost, a WIFI extender is a great option.
    (Hint: Start with a new router first—it may resolve your range issues.)

    Digital to Analog Converter

    This is only necessary if you have an older analog TV.
    (Hint: If your television does not have an HDMI input, it's analog. You will need a converter.)

    Great choice if:

    • If you would like to stream content from your Apple devices.

    • You would like to stream iTunes.

    • Apple TV 2 includes app downloads, gaming, and Siri.

    See more Apple options

    Great choice if:

    • You want motion controlled gaming.

    • You use headphones while watching TV to avoid disturbing others.

    • You'd like to search programming using your voice.

    See more Roku options

    Great choice if:

    • You have Amazon Prime.

    • You want access to a large library of gaming content.

    • You'd like access to low cost rentals.

    Great choice if:

    • Choose this antenna if you are close to the signal source and you have minimal obstructions.

    Great choice if:

    • Choose this antenna if you are far from the signal source and have obstructions.

    Great choice if:

    • You have a medium home.

    • You need to connect 4-6 devices.

    Great choice if:

    • You have a large home.

    • You need to connect 6-10 devices.

    Great choice if:

    • You have an extra-large home.

    • You need to connect 10+ devices.

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