Pro-668 Handheld iScan Digital Trunking Scanner

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Hear all of the action in your area without the complicated programming of frequencies.

  • The Pro-668 includes a microSD card pre-programmed with the full U.S.A. and Canada database of all known analog public-service trunked systems as well as many conventional frequencies. Just select where you are and what you want to scan from pre-installed lists.
  • It's as easy to use as an MP3 player. Hit play (not SCAN) and you are scanning the local action.
  • Plus, Signal Stalker II enables you to lock onto nearby transmissions without programming or even knowing the frequencies and permits lockout of undesired frequencies.
  • Enjoy unsurpassed decoding of P25-Phase II (full TDMA) signals, providing the best audio quality available in a digital scanner. All firmware updates to this model are available to customers at no cost.

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Parts Warranty: 1 Year
Equivalent Part Numbers: 2000668 |  200-0668  |  20-668

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