General-Purpose IC PC Board

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  • Two sets of 100 indexed, pre-drilled plug-in points make it easy to connect and switch out components.
  • This dual general-purpose IC PC board accepts two 6 to 20-pin ICs and DIPs.
  • Provides four tie points for each IC pin.
  • Dimensions are 1-3/4" x 3-5/8" (44.4 x 92.1mm).
  • Accepts components with leads having a diameter of 0.01-0.0333" (0.25-0.84mm); 0.015-0.032" (0.38-0.81mm).
  • 22-gauge wire recommended.


  1. Insert ICs, transistors and other components from the top (unetched) side of the board.
  2. Once you are sure that each part is properly positioned and oriented, solder it to the foil side of the board.
  3. Ordinary hookup wire or bus wire can be used as jumpers to interconnect foil traces. Insert wire from the component side, then solder on the foil side.
Equivalent Part Numbers: 2760159   |  276-0159  |  276-159

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