RadioShack DC 12V Inverter for EL wire, EL tape, EL panel

Catalog #: 2760409



Power your EL light projects with this easy to use 12V (DC) Inverter. 3 control Modes: On, Off, Flash. Great for accent lighting, stairway or under cabinet.

  • Input voltage 12VDC
  • Input current 200mAh 
  • Output voltage 95V-115V
  • Output frequency 1200-1800Hz
  • Output current 150mA-200mA
  • Output power 1.5-2W
  • Operating Humidity <90%
  • Storage Humidity <70%
  • Control Mode: On, Off, Flash
  • The connector for DC input wire is M Jack(DC 5.5*2.1*10MM)
  • The connector for AC output wire is SM2.5