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1N4001 50V 1A Rectifier Diodes (2-Pack)

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Equivalent Part Numbers: 2761101   |  276-1101

These general-purpose 1N4001 diodes have a wide variety of uses. Diodes let current flow in one direction (anode to cathode). Commonly used for rectifying voltage, these diodes can also be used to protect against reverse polarity voltage.

  • 1-amp forward current with a maximum 30-amp surge.
  • Protects against up to 50V peak inverse voltage (PIV).
  • Polarity indicated by the cathode band.
  • Package of two diodes.
Max. Peak Reverse Voltage 50V
Max. Forward Current 1A
Peak Forward Current 30A
Max. Instant Forward Voltage 1.1V
Package Type DO-41
Max. Operating Temp. 302°F (150°C)

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