HDMI to RF Coaxial Converter Adapter

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This HDMI to RF Coax Adapter allows you to convert digital signals from an HDMI source to VHF analog TV signals.

Allows you to watch videos and play games on channel 3 or 4 on older TV models (CRT) and other non-HDMI devices.

This device does NOT work in the reverse direction (connecting an old coax video source to an HDMI-input television).

Part Number 1500664
Power Supply 5VDC
HDMI Connector 19-Pin Type-A Female
HDMI Input Video Signal 0.5 - 1.0V p-p
Supported Resolution 480i/480p
RF Output Level 68+/- 5dBuV @ 75 Ohms Loaded
Impedance 75 Ohms
UPC 040293955076


  • UL-Listed AC Adapter

Important! The source device that is connected to the HDMI input on this product must be able to output a 480i/480p signal. 

    This device is NOT compatible with Apple TV (3rd Generation).

    This device has been tested to be compatible with many HDMI devices including Apple TV (4th Generation), Sony PlayStation 4, Sony PlayStation 3, Microsoft Xbox One, Microsoft Xbox 360, Nintendo Switch, and several others.

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    Parts Warranty: 90 Days

    Equivalent Part Numbers: 1500664 |  150-0664  |  15-0664

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