PureGear DualTek Case for iPhone 11 Pro Max

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When bump, smack, strike, hit, whack, knock, bang unexpectedly come into play, DualTek provides the best in extreme shock protection.

  • Military Standard Tested and Approved
  • Shock-absorbent material, including special inset
  • Protects against daily wear and tear
  • Ergonomic grip support

You see, the PureGear DualTek Case with Impact Protection Science is patented as military tested and approved. It’s made with shock- absorbing material, including a special inset piece of material to hug your phone tight. And, really, if it’s tough enough for the military, we’re confident it’s tough enough for you.

Additionally, the PureGear DualTek Case with Impact Protection Science is remarkably lightweight but provides added security with its durable layered materials and features an ergonomic grip support that makes it even more desirable to have and to hold.

At PureGear, we believe that wireless technology should simplify your life, not weigh it down. This is why we design reliable mobile device accessories that complement today's demanding, on-the-go lifestyles. Our products are designed with added features and benefits that make sense – for work or play. We're also committed to providing you with premium quality at an affordable price.

PureGear One-Year Limited Warranty

Equivalent Part Numbers: 1711920   |  171-1920