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6-Pack of Most Used Adaptaplug Tips: B, H, K, L, M, N

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Includes the 6 most used Adataplug tips.

Compatible with RadioShack and Enercell AC/DC adapters.

Included Tip Specifications:

  • 2731044: Adaptaplug Tip B - ID 1.7mm OD 4mm Barrel Plug
  • 2731048: Adaptaplug Tip H - ID 1.3mm OD 3.4mm Barrel Plug
  • 2731068: Adaptaplug Tip K - ID 2.1mm OD 5mm Barrel Plug
  • 2731069: Adaptaplug Tip L - ID 2.5mm OD 5mm Barrel Plug
  • 2731070: Adaptaplug Tip M - ID 2.1mm OD 5mm Barrel Plug
  • 2731071: Adaptaplug Tip N - ID 2.5mm OD 5.5mm Barrel Plug

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