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e-readers Overview - Now you can read on-the-go by simply downloading  books, magazines and more. Some e-readers also allow you to listen to audiobooks and music and access certain apps. Lighting and Color - E-readers feature various and unique attributes. Some of them include E-Ink which delivers a similar experience to reading an actual book, anti-glare properties that make it possible for you to read in the sun, and backlighting for dim settings and colorful content. Content - Access millions of titles available for purchase, borrow e-books from your local library or download thousands of titles that are part of the public domain. Memory - The amount of memory will determine the number of e-books, audiobooks and music you can load onto your device. Most devices let you download and store over 1,000 titles. Connection -If you choose a Wi-Fi only e-reader, you can still have the flexibility to connect anywhere by using a mobile hotspot. Mobile Hotspots: You can purchase a separate device, like a MiFi, that allows connectivity to several devices with either a no-contract service option or 2-year service plan.
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Wireless Phone Hotspots: Some phones have hotspot capability. Check your phone's specs to see if it has this function and if you can add it to your plan. Or, click below to shop hotspot-capable phones.
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