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Mobile Low Price Guarantee Policy

RadioShack will match advertised prices on identical mobile phones up to 30 days after purchase. We will match the wireless handset's price at the time of your purchase at the register or, if you previously purchased a phone from a RadioShack store that is subject to the Mobile Price Assurance Guarantee Policy, we will provide the price match difference up to 30 days after your purchase.

Our Mobile Low Price Guarantee Policy applies to:

  • Our stores' in-stock no-contract mobile phones and activated postpaid mobile phones
  • Identical mobile phones offered by authorized U.S. retailers in their retail stores
  • Our competitors' advertised prices in newspaper ads and inserts that are in effect at the time of your purchase or during the 30 days after your purchase
  • Identical competitive offers, meaning the competitor's ad must be for the identical model of mobile phone from the same carrier and with the same applicable pricing terms for a new phone or an upgrade contract, as applicable
  • Our participating stores, which may exclude our dealers and franchises

Our Mobile Low Price Guarantee Policy excludes:

  • "Web only," other Internet offers and our Direct2U merchandise
  • Offers in non-newspaper advertising
  • Wireless handsets at unactivated pricing
  • Product returns
  • Non-handset products such as Bluetooth headsets, wireless-enabled tablets and accessories
  • Offers with mail-in rebates or mail-in offers
  • Bundle offers, buy-one get-one, prepaid phones with bundled airtime, etc.
  • General, non-specific "free" phone advertising and promotions that do not specify a particular handset, "all on sale" and percent‑off promotions
  • Competitors' ads containing errors or where the actual price cannot be determined
  • Gift card promotions
  • Trade-in offers
  • Closeout or clearance offers, discontinued, refurbished, special purchase handsets and display models
  • Offers through club or membership stores, corporate discount programs, loyalty programs and other non-retail pricing
  • Special financing offers

We reserve the right to:

  • Verify any lower price offer
  • Limit quantities
  • Correct errors
  • Suspend our price match program during holiday events,
    sales tax holidays and other special events