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eReplacements PB995A Battery for Compaq/HP



 | Catalog #: 55073017


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Product Summary

PPremium Power Products compatible higher capacity Compaq Presario M2000, V2000, V4000, HP Pavilion DV1000, DV4000, ZE2000 series notebook battery. Fits with compatible part number: PB995A, PF723A, PM579A, 367759-001, 367769-001. Works with Pavilion DV1000 (CTO), Pavilion DV1001XX MV IUR, Pavilion DV1002XX MV IUR, Pavilion DV1009XX MV IUR, Pavilion DV1010CA, Pavilion DV1010US, Pavilion DV1040CA, Pavilion DV1040US, Pavilion DV1049CL, Pavilion DV1060US, Pavilion DV1065US, Pavilion DV1100 (CTO), Pavilion DV1115LA, Pavilion DV1117LA, Pavilion DV1125LA, Pavilion DV1130CA, Pavilion DV1130US, Pavilion DV1131WM-B, Pavilion DV1133WM, Pavilion DV1135LA, Pavilion DV1150US, Pavilion DV1156CL, Pavilion DV1170CA, Pavilion DV1170US, Pavilion DV1175US, Pavilion DV1180US, Pavilion DV1206CL, Pavilion DV1207US, Pavilion DV1210US, Pavilion DV1215WM, Pavilion DV1217US, Pavilion DV1220US, Pavilion DV1225CA, Pavilion DV1227US, Pavilion DV1240CA, Pavilion DV1240US, Pavilion DV1245CL, Pavilion DV1300 (CTO), Pavilion DV1301XX MV IUR, Pavilion DV1302XX MV IUR, Pavilion DV1310US, Pavilion DV1315CL, Pavilion DV1320US, Pavilion DV1321US, Pavilion DV1330CA, Pavilion DV1331SE, Pavilion DV1340US, Pavilion DV1399XX MV IUR, Pavilion DV1420US, Pavilion DV1439US, Pavilion DV1520US, Pavilion DV1530US, Pavilion DV1659US, Pavilion DV4000, Pavilion DV4030US, Pavilion DV4130US, Pavilion DV4150US, Pavilion DV4170US, Pavilion DV4230US, Pavilion DV4269US, Pavilion DV4305US, Pavilion DV5030US, Pavilion DV5041EA, Pavilion DV5062EA, Pavilion DV5106EU, Pavilion DV5120US, Pavilion DV5139US, Pavilion DV5215US, Pavilion RDV5224, Pavilion ZE2000, Pavilion ZE2113US, Pavilion ZE2401XT, Presario 2105US, Presario 2565US, Presario C303NR, Presario C306US, Presario C502US, Presario C508US, Presario C552, Presario L2105NR, Presario M2000, Presario M2010US, Presario M2105US, Presario M2305NR, Presario V1311SE, Presario V2000, Presario V2205US, Presario V2220US, Presario V2312US, Presario V2410US, Presario V2565US, Presario V2630US, Presario V2665US, Presario V4000, Presario V4030US, Presario V5101US, Presario V5119US, Presario V5209US.

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