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NTE98 T-NPN Transistor HV Darlington Power Amp, Switch



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Product Summary

The NTE98 is a silicon NPN Darlington transistor in a TO3 type package designed for high-voltage, high--speed, power switching in inductive circuits where fall--time is critical. They are particularly suited for line operated switch--mode applications.

  • Collector--emitter voltage, VCEO(sus): 500V
  • Collector--emitter voltage, VCEX(sus): 500V
  • Collector--emitter voltage, VCEV: 700V
  • Emitter--base voltage, VEB: 8V
  • Collector current, IC:
    Continuous: 30A
    Peak:* 20A
  • Base current, IB:
    Continuous: 23.5A
    Peak:* 5A
  • Total power dissipation (TC = +25°C), PD: 175W
    Derate above +25°C: 1.0W/°C
  • Total power dissipation (TC = +100°C), PD: --65° to +200°C
  • Storage temperature range, Tstg: --65° to +200°C
  • Thermal resistance, junction--to--case, RthJC: 1.0°C/W
  • Lead temperature (during soldering, 1/8" from case, 5sec), TL: +275°C
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